At Call Corporate Cars


Can I book in advance?
Yes, our service must be pre-booked. You must book early enough in order to get a car. Last minute bookings might not be accepted.

Is the fare fixed or does it change with traffic?

The fare is fixed and traffic does not change it. The fare might change if the customer directs the driver to go a longer way or a way that has more tolls. 

Is there an extra charge if i direct the driver to go a way i like?

Extra charges may apply if the customer directs the driver, if there are more tolls and/or if it is further in distance traveled.

Can the driver charge me more if he goes the long way?

No he can not. The driver can go any way but can not charge you any more.

Do you pickup all hours of the day and night?

Yes we do, as long as the booking has been made at an earlier stage.

Is there a surcharge for late night pickups?

Yes there is. A 20% surcharge applies to pickups between 11pm and 5am (similar to taxis).

Do you do suburb to suburb transfers?

Yes we do. Please ask for a quote.

Do you have cars with large boots?

Yes we do. Most cars have an LPG gas cylinder in the boot, but you can ask for one that doesn't.  There is a $10 surcharge for this.

Do you provide baby car seats and/or boosters?

Yes, we can provide rear facing babyseats, forward facing babyseats and booster seats. There is a $15 surcharge per seat.

Do you pickup from country areas?

Yes we do. For airport transfers please see the price list as some country areas are there. If your area is not there or if you do not require an airport transfer, please ask for a quote.

Do you do wedding transfers?

Yes we do. Please ask for a quote

How many people do your cars carry?

Our cars can carry up to 4 people depending on the amount and size of their luggage.
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